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Who is Sandeim?

Sandeim is a spoonerism for danseim, the person behind this website and others he has created and maintained. Although not trained as a professional website designer, he has learned by experience and worked with a variety of organizations to give them a web presence.

Dan grew up in Utah, and attended Lutheran schools from 1st grade through college, earning a B.S.Ed. and M. Ed. from Concordia Teachers College (now Concordia University), Seward, Nebraska. Upon graduation, he began a career of teaching and school administration in Lutheran schools in Wisconsin, Colorado, Texas, Oregon, Hawaii and Washington. Along the way he helped several schools get off the ground and served as a consultant to congregations studying the feasibility of opening schools. In 2016 he was honored by the Alumni Association of his alma mater with the church leadership award.

Dan married Sandra Rhode in 1965 and together they raised two children - Lisa and Danny. Sandra went to heaven in 1994 and he remarried 9 years later. Sandra Gadbury lost her husband to cancer in 1999. They met and married after Dan consulted at her church in Alaska. It was in Alaska that Dan took up designing websites in earnest. The results are displayed on the portfolio page of this website.

In 2017, after 12 years of living in Oregon together, Dan and Sandra are relocating to Gold Canyon, Arizona.

Contact Information

There are several ways in which services might be rendered to groups, individuals, and organizations.

  • Website development and maintenance
  • Consultation
  • Website development and hand over
  • Media exploration
  • Software training

For information contact by email: sandeim

Daniel N. Seim
Superstition Views RV Resort
Gold Canyon, Arizona
(503) 318-9665 (mobile)

"A website is like a window which helps those on the outside know more about you, your church or your school. It needs to be done attractively to put the best face forward."