Why jig saw puzzles?

Puzzles have a universal appeal, crossing borders of nationality, age and ability. Jig saw puzzles offer mental, physical and artistic challenge. Puzzles can be constructed from photographs and a variety of media, including wood. Wooden puzzles offer a range of challenge for scroll saw hobbyists and can be very simple or very complex and from very small to very large.

Why animals?

babystegoGod created a huge variety of animals. Some are domesticated and others are wild. They have many shapes, sizes, colors, and they live on land, in the air and in the sea. They are prehistoric and present day. They appeal to children and adults and for all of these reasons, they provide good subject matter for jig saw puzzles. The completed puzzles can be collected, displayed and be objects for play for both adults and children.

Why wood?

cherrylegMost of the animals in this catalog are cut from some species of hardwood. Think cherry, maple, walnut, oak, alder, or some similar species. The grain and color of the wood complements the animal. Hardwoods are not only attractive but they are durable as puzzle pieces. Different colors work well with different animals. Hardwoods come in a variety of colors and grains which fit well with different animals. In most cases, the wood is finished with a natural stain so the wood grain shows. Paint could be used on wood like pine which has minimal grain and color.

I do not have a large inventory of ready made puzzles so orders are for the most part custom made, one at a time. This means every puzzle is unique. This is a small, one-person operation so actual delivery may take someextra time. You have a voice in choosing a puzzle and its appearance. Please be patient - I will tell you when the shipment is on its way.

What about puzzle construction?

Most of the jig saw puzzles are constructed with interlocking pieces. That means they are connected with keys that hold the puzzle together. They are made with wood that is at least 3/4 inch thick and the animals can stand upright. It is possible to pick up these puzzles by holding the top of the puzzle. Some come with a stand for display purposes. Wood finishes are non-toxic and most pieces are large enough to be safe for young children. Since the puzzles are cut from one piece of wood, the size of each puzzle is usually 8" x 10" or less because lumber width is a factor.

How do I order a puzzle?

Use the menu at the top of the page to select a particular catalog. At this time, there are three choices:

  • dinosaurs - large and baby varieties
  • animals - land, sea and air
  • alpha animals - the name of the animal is spelled into the animal's body

An order form can be downloaded and mailed or completed online. Payment is due in advance with the order and includes shipping to U.S. addresses. Prices are indicated with each animal.

If the animal you want is not included in the catalog, you can request a special order by sending a picture or photo. I will work with you in advance before beginning construction.